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Services & Pricing

Let us help release your inner goddess.

Whatever your hair goals; boho babe, full glam or vintage vibes we've got you!

 We provide a range of services to get you looking & feeling great.

Check out our services below or head straight to our booking page

We believe in price transparency, so will not charge you for anything we haven’t discussed and agreed on.



The Works.                             £50.00

 Wash, cut & blow dry for the straight and wavy

Curl by Curl.                         £70.00

For you twisted sisters, book this if your hair is curly (anything above a 2C):

Dry Cut.                                  £30.00

For a no-frills tidy up/ends trim.       

Fringe Trim                           £5.00



For the blues, the greens and everything in between.

*Note, hair will usually need to be pre-lightened in preparation.

Maintenance: High, to keep colour fresh and classy.

One colour:

Short/fine hair:                     £50.00

Long/thick hair:              from £70.00

Multiple colours (includes bleeds):

Short/fine hair:                      £75.00

Long/thick hair:              from £95.00

Sections/panels:             from £20.00


Wedding Hair

Bride:                                  £90.00

Bridal Party:                      £60.00 pp

Blow Dries:                           £40.00

Kids Styling:                          £25.00


Travel is charged at £0.50 per mile out with Edinburgh city centre.


Block Colour

All Over Tint.               

Spicing up your natural, covering greys or fancy trying red or brunette? This is for you.

Short/fine hair: £68.00

Long/thick hair: £90.00

Just the roots, with a freshen-up glaze.                         

Maintenance for those pesky greys or for reviving your colour

Short/fine hair:                      £58.00

Long/thick hair:                     £80.00


All over lightening.            

For full-on, take-no-shit blondes or for preparing for vivid fantasy colour. High maintenance, you’ll need touch-ups every 4-6 weeks for damage-control. Includes Olaplex and toner.

Short/fine hair:            from £130.00

Long/thick hair:           from £185.00

Just the roots lightening 1" or under – your maintenance service.

Fine/medium hair:        from £115.00

Thick hair:                   from £130.00

Note: long roots will be treated and priced as all-over lightening.

Sections/panels                from £50.00


Styling & Treatments

Hydration Mask:                  £15.00

For thirsty hair

Olaplex Treatment:               £35.00

For very damaged & dehydrated hair

Blow Out:                            £35.00

For bouncy curls or super-sleek hair

Special Occasion Hair:             £45.00

Contemporary updos for looking fancy

Vintage Set/Updo:                    £50.00

Classic retro styling for you vintage lovers

Colour Correction


Have home-colour regrets? Hair just a bit of a multi-colour riot? We can help. Book in for a consultation and we’ll sort you out.

Price on consultation.


Textured Colour


For bright blondes, breaking up colour or adding lightness. Includes toner and Olaplex.

Maintenance: Medium -high, will need regrowth done every 6-8 weeks

Short/fine hair:

 Full foil for the brightest look:    £125.00

 Partial foils for more dimension:  £95.00

Long/thick hair:

Full foil for the brightest look:    £165.00   Partial foil for more dimension: £130.00

Regrowth Highlights:

For your maintenance, priced as a partial foil.

Add: Root tap/shadow/stretch for a softer grow-out:                                £15.00


For sun-kissed, natural, lived-in colour to add texture and depth. Hand painted lightness, leaving some natural in between. 

Includes toner & Olaplex.

Maintenance: low, will need toner top-ups every 2-3 months

Just the Tips, for fine to medium hair:                                           from £120.00

Just the Tips, for extra-long or thick hair:                                       from £140.00


Root colour for maximum grey coverage, or changing colour:                  £30.00


For a dramatic dark-to-light gradient. All ends are lightened. Includes toner and Olaplex.

Maintenance: low, will need toner top-ups every 2-3 months.

Fine to medium hair:

                                 from £130.00

Extra-long or thick hair:

                                  from £160.00


Root colour for maximum grey coverage, or changing colour: £30.00

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